Experience strip poker with a real escort

There has to be a little fun and why shouldn’t you even look at the cards? Strip poker is more than just a game. For open people, it is a kind of attitude to life. It is fun, entertaining and offers the opportunity to get to know a new acquaintance from the escort service in a different way and to get closer. Allowed is what is fun. Take-off-Hold’em is not for everyone, but with like-minded people, it promises to be an unforgettable evening.

Strip poker already shows a close relationship to striptease, but in the end, it is only a variant of poker with personal strategy. A new style. Clearly, the wager represents your own garments and not money, chips or coins. The sense is, of course, that when losing, the inserted garment is also placed in front of all players. In the foreground here is less a sophisticated technique or poker strategy, more a sexy challenge. It’s about fun and eroticism. A slightly different way to get closer, nobody can deny that, but the erotic entertainment value with hot girls and what might become of it afterward chase one or the other already a comfortable shiver over the back.

In the eyes of some people who have a less open attitude, there is something very wicked even indecent about this game. But perhaps it is also one’s own shame that one’s own body is afflicted with one or other blemish. Others, on the other hand, cultivate it as a kind of Lifestyle and see it as huge fun according to the motto: “discover yourself and be aware of your beauty.“

Lets’ play strip poker with Ivy

Just immerse yourself in the world of strip poker. The rules are simple and ultimately it should be an erotic fun with a tingling outcome. At a meeting escort lady, Ivy will gladly explain the rules of this game and will not only surprise you with it. As an escort service, we will gladly arrange contact with escort lady Ivy and you will learn how a champion feels.

The goal is of course that the loser of the round takes off a piece of clothing, but taking off is not equal to taking off. For this, the imaginative Ivy loves hot and erotic experiences too much. Let yourself be surprised when the leaf turns and not only one falls around the other shell. The cases fall in a very special way.

A small and erotic striptease will soon bring the mood to a boil and if you do it right, you will experience Ivy, the poker Queen as a sexy striptease dancer, who also nonchalantly initiates her into the rules of the game and gladly loses around to convince her of completely different qualities than card mixing. About the escort agency, my escort will gladly arrange contact to escort lady Ivy.

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Five-card draw – the popular game variant for undressing

Five-card draw is the best-known poker variant and also the most suitable. Even Wikipedia defines this variant with 5 maps like this. The game is played with 5 cards in a 52-card playset. An erotic fun for min 2 up to 6 people. It gets exciting already at the basic stake, which means in strip Poker of course already the first piece of clothing, which is placed in the middle. 5 cards are then dealt with each player, which are held face down on the hand.

Now it is already exciting, because the first betting round begins, where you go or not, i.e. another piece of clothing can, but does not have to be put down again. But where would be all the fun when it comes to showing yourself in all its glory. Also, the tingling to observe its attractive accompaniment during slow defoliation increases the pulse beat. In the long run, it depends and women are much more skillful there.

If you have yourself again reasonably under control, the heartbeat is again in the normal range, the progress of the game round takes place. The cards can now be exchanged and it quickly turns out who can bluff well and who also proves playful Talent. In the last betting round, the player with the best hand wins.

But you should leave the church in the village because of no matter whether winner or loser in a round, a little there is already the personal imagination in demand. After all, anyone can take off their clothes. Why shouldn’t the winner lighten the loser by another piece of clothing or the loser shows a small insert for the benefit of all involved, in which one or the other cover falls rather with lascivious momentum?

You can start the first time with a short test part, in which you set suitable rules for all because it should be fun for all without having to pull your hair.

Put on a poker face or play your own variations – yes baby

strip poker

But if you don’t dare to go into the realm of poker, pretty much every board game can vary to take off with an escort. How about spinning bottles, most of them still remembered from their teenage years of the first parties. Although this was more about the first shy kisses, it is well known that you grow with your tasks. But also the popular four-in-a-row can be used wonderfully to take a closer look in a charming way. For none of these games are Premierliga qualities necessary, just a little curiosity as to what the final result will be.

What is ultimately the stake in the game, when the cases have completely fallen, will result in the course of the game. The purpose is certainly not to get dressed again afterward, but rather to use the body for erotic gimmicks, which lead to more, instead of using garments.

After all, you have not arranged to go to Bingo night, draw lots or take a quiz, but to experience an erotic adventure to the fullest.

Flirt guarantee with the erotic output?

For some, strip poker is just a party game that lightens the mood. For others, however, it is a board game that gives the right kick, especially for those who like to experiment. Gladly are assigned already once penalty tasks and there it remains not only with a small Striptease. There is imagination in demand and perhaps a little frivolity. But if the right player or only one suitable player is found, flirting can be done according to your mood and a lot of excitement can be experienced.

Whether you have really mastered the rules, read them and dutifully adhere to them, maybe left to each player in consultation. First and foremost, it is about having fun, getting to know each other in a different way and to stir up the desire of his fellow players to awaken pleasure in erotic tingling.

Visiting a casino of your choice with escort lady Ivy will delight you. To get you in the mood for the rest of the evening, you can now look forward to Ivy putting on her poker face and introducing you to the art of strip poker, while arousing your desire for more with a seductive striptease.

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